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If it solves the problem, it's worthy of consideration as a solution!


OK, sometimes we slip up and use some jargon. But we're more than happy to explain it if we do.


We want your systems to fly, almost as much as you do.

About BarnData

An established custom software company.

BarnData has been creating commercial database systems since 2006. All of us have actually been doing it much longer than that, as individuals. In fact, we'd rather not think about exactly how much longer!

We are a small private company, based in North Cambridgeshire but serving clients across the UK and in Europe too. Most of our work is handled remotely so your geographic location is no barrier to us helping you. Of course, if you're relatively nearby, it would be great to come and meet you in person too!

Our approach to projects is collaborative, so we need plenty of input from you and your team. In return, we will throw all of our ideas into the pot too. Together we can then create something that really works for you.

Our Services

No-Risk Initial Consultation

Do you need to upgrade your systems but don't know where to start? Have you looked around for a software solution but cannot find anything that fits? Or are you just finding it hard to get things off the ground?

Well, you've nothing to lose by contacting us for an initial discussion. Don't worry, you won't get a "hard sell". Instead we will just listen to what you need and then tell you whether we can help and, if so, how.

It's then entirely up to you whether you like what we have to say. If not, you will have lost nothing and maybe we will have at least sparked some ideas for you.

So why not get yourself a cup of coffee and give us a call, or drop us an email.

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