Desktop Software using MS-Access

"I just need a database with no frills."

If you're looking to create a database system for your office, and you don't need it to be accessible from elsewhere, then Microsoft Access is a great solution.

Not only can we create a system very quickly, keeping the cost down, but MS-Access is also very powerful, as it has its own programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). That means we can customise the system quite precisely to your needs.

For a "beefier" solution, we can program the database in Access/VBA, but store the actual data in a SQL database. SQL is more robust and resilient, and is an industry standard database platform.

We often use MS-Access databases to replace Excel spreadsheets, where these have become unmanageable for clients. This is a common scenario and Access is particularly well-suited because it is in the same "MS-Office Family".

The best way to start with an Access database is usually to have a chat with us about what you're trying to do. We can often mock something up in Access to show you how a solution might look.

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