Web Browser Systems using PHP/Javascript/MySQL

"We need to work away from the office."
"My clients need to access the data too."

Sometimes it's important to get to the database when you're at another location. Perhaps from home, or from a client site, or from a satellite office.

Maybe you even need to let people outside your organisation have a view on the data with restricted logins.

A browser-based database system will allow authorised users in via any internet-enabled device. You just need an internet signal and a laptop, desktop, terminal, smartphone or tablet. There's no need for the users to install any special software - they just need their internet browser!

Because of this huge advantage, web systems are now our main line of business here at BarnData. We create them using a web language called PHP (an industry standard). The data is stored in MySQL databases, for a robust, scaleable solution.

As you can guess, the first step toward web-enabling your data is to have a chat with us. We will want to understand your business needs first, so that we can draft some proposals on how we would address them in a browser-based system.

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